Directories for Online Marketing

Online Marketing Success begins with Directories!

Claim your directory listings

These are basically the ‘yellow pages’ online. But there are hundreds perhaps even thousands of them. Luckily, we do not need a listing in that many. The top 10 are all you may need to focus on. Perhaps you have already heard of Google local or Yelp, these are two of the top sites. You can see the whole list in the More Resources at the back of this book.

To create a listing in a directory you will want all of your business information, address phone etc. Plus, several current photos and videos if you have them. You will also want to use the ‘key-words’ people use online to search for your business in the descriptions and categories.

Go to the website home page: , for instance. Look for your business and if there is a listing find the place on the page that says to ‘claim your business’. Follow instructions and Viola! a new space online has now been customized to you.

Do this for the rest of the directories and you’ll be on your way to more exposure online. Although our ultimate goal is to make you a celebrity this is the first step in creating the foundation of your business platform.