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Our 10-year journey to 'cracking the code' with SEO began with video marketing. Through the years, we have acquired new tools & tested countless methods to determine how to help local businesses rank on page one of the search engines.

Now that Google has enlisted an AI called “Rank Brain” and much of the search results are an automated response of a computer algorithm it is vitally important to understand how to ‘be seen’ online and how to create a worthy online reputation that meets the requirements of the 200+ factors that go into current day search results.

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The number one factor in ranking is Relevancy. Your online reputation with the SERPS is determined by your relevance.

We have found that a business can be around for 25 years offering excellence in service, product, and quality. But if their online presence doesn't reflect this same message to the search engines they may never be considered relevant in their industry. Having discovered what it takes to help each business be seen as an authority in their niche online we implement the correct website optimization techniques and online strategies to increase both relevance and authority.

We have built Digital strategies along with SEO and have tested the tactics so you don't have to think about whether or not your business is represented well online or your website is optimized to the fullest. We are 100% behind what we deliver in SEO and digital marketing, always open to questions, and are always looking for wonderful new business owners to join our client family.

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Michelle is recognized as one of the top SEO strategists for local business sharing as a contributor for and continues to participate in an exclusive SEO mastermind communities to build her knowledge and collaborate with other top marketers in the industry.

a Simple & Straightforward process

Step #1 > Analyze the Competition >

Competitive Research

Step #2 > Complete Website Audit >

Step #3 > Optimize Online Presence >

Optimize your online presence

Step #4 > Build Online Authority [repeat]

Build Online Authority

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Every new customer or client increases growth.

The more we increase your online presence, optimize your online properties and build authority with the search engines (SEO) the more customers you will receive. And with more customers, your business will see actual results and growth. This is our goal, to help your business be successful online which gives you satisfaction and in turn counts as a success for us too.

Our 4 step process is the key to maximizing your business on the internet. The 'rules' change from year to year so it is important to understand the changes and implement revisions quickly. We also value the 'fresh look' we get by reevaluating our clients' presence when we repeat our analysis process each year.  This ensures we are doing everything that needs to be done to keep you in a favorable light for the search results and a good reputation for potential customers.

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For many business owners choosing the right online strategy is increasingly difficult.

Over the past several years and even now, digital marketing and SEO has changed with online trends. And most business owners do not have the time or resources to learn and experiment with online strategies in order to attract more customers.

There are also different ways to advertise now online and the task of choosing where to begin is confusing as well. Not to mention, each year new avenues to connect with your customers are invented and finding the right formula for the best return on your investment seems impossible.

Our goal is to facilitate this problem for you, to utilize our network, guide your business on the right marketing path and transform it by increasing online traffic and exposure. We always monitor trends, capture specific new techniques and continue to implement the changes needed to stay relevant for the search engines.

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3 Guidelines by which we do business...

  • Exclusivity - We only work with one business in an industry per geographical area. Which means we will not work with any of your competitors. Besides, if we did, we would be competing with ourselves. 😉

  • Customized Service - Each marketing plan is unique and tailored to your business and we treat every client the way we would want to be treated. There is no cookie cutter plan that works for everyone so we don't offer packages. Each business is different and needs a customized SEO marketing plan.

  • Results Oriented - We often go above and beyond for our clients simply because it's exciting to see a business grow. It's no fun doing work without getting results. To us, that just seems like a waste of time and energy. We put efforts toward the things that matter most to you and your business growth.

From our years of experience, we have been able to test different strategies and tactics to find out what works now. We purposely maintain an effective team that remains nimble so we can adjust the marketing path quicker for our clients as we anticipate future changes in the online environment.

Let us help take your online authority to the next level.

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