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      There are many ways to use video for your business. Here are the top 3 ways you can leverage video marketing online.

      1. Vine

      Vine is an app (owned by twitter) that allow you to communicate in short creative bursts. Lowes has used it to share solutions of common everyday tasks. You could show your customers quick solutions to problems they may have in your industry. For instance: our vet thought of a vine that included a towel, toothbrush and pet. I think from here your get the picture. :-)

      2. Facebook

      BuzzFeed recently changed their video sharing tactic to publishing only on Facebook and they saw their engagement skyrocket a few months later. Facebook makes it easy to share video and with a shares is the potential for more shares… and so on. So try sharing video directly to Facebook and see what kind of interaction your business receives.

      3. Multi-channel

      There are hundreds of online platforms that host video and allow everyone to view them. YouTube being my favorite but we recognize 32 other places your video should be. When we upload content for our clients it goes onto everyone of these platforms and creates buzz for the business. Video helps with SEO and user engagement. People who view video are 67% more likely to buy from a brand.