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      Here are your meeting notes – April 2020

      The Videos have been edited to give you a better review.

      Further down is an example of how I used the 10&10 formula to create content from this webinar. 

      The first thing we covered was to be sure your brand has an online presence. This can be done simply by “googling” your business name.

      When you google your business name you are looking for several results in the search that have your business name. These results come from online accounts, images, and platforms that your business is associated with. For instance, Facebook is an online social media platform, Google My Business is a local business account with Google, and Inc.com is a directory listing.

      The more places online your business has a connection with the more results will show up when you search.

      You want to have at least the first page of the search results be related to your business.

       Make certain you have a presence on these TOP channels. Since there are hundreds of channels online it can be difficult to try to manage them all. Our suggestion would be to stick to the basics. Create accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Instagram, Inc.com and, for the brave, TikTok. 🙂

      Secret Listing: get verified by Inc: inc.com/verified

      Places you can go to find out more.

      Namck.com – see where you can create an account for your business.

      Top Directories – Create a listing for your business on these popular directories


      Google My Business – Essential guide to optimize your GMB listing

      Once you have an online presence its time to show who you are and what you do. This is where you create content and post it on your channels. You want your content to be informative, useful, or entertaining. 

      10&10 Content Creation Formula

      Definition: The 10&10 is a content creation formula that takes less than a day to implement and is designed to create a steady stream of rankings, traffic and leads to any web site and business.

      “Here we talk about using FAQs but you can use this same strategy to create content for any number of things you want to share.”

      The content you create will:

      • Help you get found online and drive traffic to your site
      • Establish credibility and trust with your visitors and prospects
      • Differentiate you from your competitors
      • Create desire for your product or service
      • Decrease or eliminate the need to ‘sell’
      • Help you grow your online influence

      Resources to Help Create and Distribute Content

      PDF Worksheet – To help you navigate the 10&10 formula. There are some tips in there as well.

      Canva – Easy way to create graphics for posts and print materials

      SONIX– Transcribe video and download the text file.

      Zapier – The easiest way to automate posting content and other workflows.

      Mail Chimp – Setup email lists and forms to send people content. Easy to use  email template builder.

      EDGE – Content Marketing System with all the bells and whistles. After you have mastered the basics, this is for those who are wanting to take their marketing to the next level.


      This is how I used the tools above to create content:

      From the video, I created a PDF with a document program, a blog post on my website, several social posts with Canva and scheduled them to go out with Zapier. I also put a post up on my Google My Business page.

      I transcribed the video and now I can work on a few articles to promote the video if I like.


      This is the BLOG POST. If you click the image you can view the post.

      This is the PDF Worksheet. If you click the image you can download the worksheet.

      These are some social posts I created with Canva in 5 minutes using their pre-made templates.

      keys to being successful


      Perfection is not a thing online. But Authenticity is. Although we’ve been talking about creating content to increase your brand and expert authority online, you can do anything that gets content out there. 

      Think about adding value and getting people to know you or what your business is all about. This is another form of communication to share with others more about you and/or your company. If you want to make a bigger impact without a mongo marketing team then remember this: there is no magic bullet – just use your genuine desire to connect with other humans and add value to their lives.

      Inspiration for being Authentic Online

      Cowboy Museum Twitter – Security Guard at The Cowboy Museum on Twitter. New the social media Tim does his best to post with marketing savvy and his inexperience and makes his posts so much more relatable.

      Brimfield Facebook – Brimfield Police Dept on Facebook – early on the sheriff developed a formula for sharing and connecting with the citizens of Brimfield.

      The Crayon Initiative – Non-Profit Facebook page that stays true to their mission and shares awesome curated posts about art.

      Bored Panda – always has fun things to share

      Power of Positivity – shares positive quotes and other positive news 

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