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      it’s called “10&10”

      The “10&10” is a content creation formula that takes less than a day to implement and is designed to create a steady stream of rankings, traffic and leads to any web site and business.

      You’ll move your viewers from not knowing anything about you to becoming qualified potential customers and finally your customer. You’ll go from being a salesman to an authority, trusted advisor and friend. This is the true goal of marketing.

      The only equipment you need is a computer and and an inexpensive video camera (even an iPhone or Android phone will work)

      Technology changes every year so I recommend checking out resources online to post video especially if you are unfamiliar with ‘how to’. Heck, I’ve even asked my kids when I get stuck. xD


      Write down your top Frequently Asked Questions

      Write down the top ten frequently asked questions (FAQs) you get about your product or service (this will only take about 15-30 minutes)


      Write down your top 'Should Ask Questions'

      Write down the top questions your potential customers should be asking you about your product or service. (another short 15-30 minutes)


      Record 20 Short Videos

      Ask and answer each question you created on video. Each video response can be 30 seconds to 2 minutes long. 


      Create Graphics & Posts

      You can now create graphics for your content. I like to use Canva.com to easily create images. And then create a post or page on your website to share the information.


      Schedule and Post

      Now you have the video, the graphics and a page on your website to promote. You are ready to share your knowledge and expertise with the world wide web.

      Complete the Series by watching these videos. :)

      Be magnetic! & attract new customers through online search.