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      Results Oriented – Client Getting Strategies that Catapult your Business and Eclipse the Competition
      Where to Begin in creating an Online Presence for your Business?

      Here’s where we start:

      Strategic Planning for Your Business 

      Before we start building your social media and online marketing program for you, we need to create an initial plan for: 

      • The components—channels and tactics we should use with your markets and how they will integrate with each other,  
      • The content we need to develop (videos, articles, messages, offers, etc.),
      • The order in which we will introduce each channel,
      • Estimated target results
      • Current Online SEO and Optimization 

      It’s likely new opportunities will arise during the course of implementing and managing your program. It’s also likely that some tactics will prove more effective than others. In either case, we will modify the plan accordingly.

      Online Program Creation and Implementation

      As you well know, there is considerable time — as well as expertise — involved in setting in place the building blocks for a successful, ongoing online marketing program that will deliver cost-effective results. Here are some of the steps we are going to take to get this right from the start:

      Industry Research 

      We conduct a thorough investigation on your industry and competition online.  We uncover proven practices, monitor marketing activity and maintain cutting edge marketing techniques to ensure your business stays current with online and offline marketing.

      Thorough Keyword Research

      We will identify the appropriate keywords and keyword phrases to include a combination of market descriptions and industry specific terms. Getting this right means laser focusing your ads for increased response. 

      Online Foundation for SEO and Digital Marketing

      Account Profile Setup 

      This is a time-consuming, tedious process that is nevertheless essential to success. We will carefully create profiles; login information and passwords to all appropriate video submission, podcasting, social network and blog websites. For your type of business, this will include approximately 75 sites. Think of the exponential marketing power inherent in this effort.  

      Submissions to Local and National Directories

      Get optimized listings on over 30 local and mobile directories and 75 national directories within just a few weeks. Get one-way backlinks to improve website and Google maps optimization, and help your customers find you quickly and easily  

      Submission to Industry Specific Directories

      Get optimized listings on the most important directories for your industry within just a few weeks. Get one-way backlinks to improve website and Google maps optimization, and help your customers find you quickly and easily.  

      Website – ‘On Page’ SEO

      Analyzing and editing your website content for good keyword optimization is essential to be found in the Google results for your industry. We will advise and edit your website according to the SEO standards that are most effective and give you additional insights on improving your content for search engine marketing.

      Optimization of ‘Google My Business’

      Google has several places it draws information from about your business. In order to be ranked online your business needs to have a presence and be optimized for your targeted industry. We will make sure your ‘my business’ page is set up appropriately and giving the right information to Google.

      Optimize your Facebook Page and implement fan getting strategies

      Your Facebook page is a must-have social media presence. If Facebook was a nation, it would be the third most populous nation in the world behind China and India. And if you think Facebook is only for young people, keep in mind the fastest-growing demographic is women ages 35-64.

      In the setup package, we will establish your Facebook presence, populate it with posts and manage it for the initial month. This includes weekly posts and basic friend-building activity. (Ongoing management of your Facebook page and accelerated friend-building is also available. See details in the Ongoing Management & Expansion section below.)

      Optimize additional Social Media ~ Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, LinkedIn and/or other appropriate online platforms important to your industry.

      Digital Marketing Expanded Services

      (pricing varies)

      Ongoing SEO Activities – added monthly investment ~Included in the marketing packages above.

      Remember, to the search engines, the Internet is like a giant grocery store. Much of the information online has a “sell by” date on it. Ongoing updates and new content are standard components to any business’ online marketing and social media program. We manage many of the elements above for your business continuously; at a price level, you are most comfortable with.

      Conceptualize and Produce a Professional-quality Landing Page and Thank You Video 

      To take your site ranking to the next level, you need a compelling video that holds visitors on your site. You want to reduce “bounce back” and keep visitors involved. The best way to accomplish this is with a well-conceived video presentation. Moreover, this landing page video must line up with your video commercials and your ads. When all these elements are properly orchestrated, with keywords and back links, you increase your sites’ “ranking” and thereby boost your results. We will design, edit and create a video of approximately 1-2 minutes in length for a landing page designed around a specific offer. The video will be both informative and compelling and will include appropriate transitions, call outs and background music — all designed to engage the viewer’s interest and motivate them to take action. In addition, this can be structured so as to capture visitor contact information (“opt-in”) for effective follow up. That said, an appropriate “thank you” video will also be provided.


      Set-up On-going E-Mail/Mobile Campaign

      With the opportunity to continue offering new items or potential savings to the same customer, we suggest creating an email campaign with pre-written messages that can be scheduled and sent over time using an auto-responder.  This could be designed to promote other products or services in a logical order and also enable you to send out an announcement about any specials you wish to promote to your list of prospects.


      Submit Videos 

      The effectiveness of web video depends upon monthly submission to search engines. This requires careful attention to detail to enter keyword titles, descriptions, tags and back links. This strategy will also help improve your existing sites organic ranking. We will submit the completed videos to appropriate video, pod-cast, social network and blog sites. The number of unique videos, six, will be paired with a new keyword phrase each month and resubmitted for maximum exposure.


      Create a Special Report / Coupon Offer to capture leads

      An effective way to build leads with whom you can follow up by email, mobile text message—even voice mail or postcards—is to offer something of value for free in exchange for their follow up contact information. Typically, we start with the email address and add other contact data over time, once trust has been established.

      We will write a special report/buyer’s guide /coupon offer for your business to give away online in exchange for prospects’ email addresses and set it up for cost-effective, automatic online (or text message) delivery.


      Automated Text Message Follow Up Campaign

      In addition to the automated email follow up campaign we set up for you in conjunction with your mini-Website, we will also set up an automated text message follow-up campaign for your business designed to appeal to mobile phone-using prospects.

      We will develop the offer, write the text messages for the follow-up campaign and set up the automatic system. We will also integrate the system with other channels like your Twitter feed where appropriate.


      Video and Article Burst Campaigns

      Once we have established your presence through your Website, YouTube Channel, directories, blog, Facebook page, Twitter Feed and LinkedIn Profile, it is very effective to create occasional bursts of content and activity to increase visibility and drive traffic. We do this though online video and article campaigns—specifically called Gold and Premium campaigns.

      These campaigns rely on a content strategy that emphasizes Q & A format videos that align with terms and solutions your prospective customers search for online. We create ten (Gold package) or 20 (Premium package) videos and articles and distribute them to scores of video hosting sites and articles which drive traffic back to the lead capture mechanism we have built in your mini-Website. The other videos include thank you videos, offer videos and “about us” videos, which include an introductory offer to purchase from your company.

      These campaigns are very powerful for kick starting an online marketing program and regenerating awareness and interest in your company and the information and products/services you offer.


      Managed Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Sponsored Ads

      Another way to drive traffic and increase visibility in the search engines is through paid advertising in the search engines—mainly Google, but also Yahoo! and Bing. This is a complementary strategy that also legitimizes your company when positioned together with organic results in the search engines.

      We do the work for you—identify keywords and craft the sponsored ads that drive traffic to your mini-Website. There are three monthly dollar levels or you can specify a different monthly amount you wish us to spend and manage on your behalf. NOTE: A 25% management fee is built into the monthly amount.