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      Implementing an SEO strategy and getting the desired ranking results is like putting together a 10,000 piece puzzle. It takes analyzing, sorting, piecing together, and time. Happily, we like puzzles. :)

      Here are a few examples of our work in Webdesign and SEO.


      GrassRoots Tree & Turf Inc.

      Website Design

      Direct Mail & Magazine Ads

      SEO for the U.S.

      SEO Strategy


      GrassRoots Turf #1 in the country for “weed control services” above top competitor like TrueGreen and LawnDoctor”

      Building a Brand online is all about consistent SEO activity and a comprehensive marketing strategy that draws attention to your business and helps generate a positive reputation.

      Brand strategy & Website Design

      When developing a brand strategy it is important to ‘know your voice’ and match the culture of the company with the brand image. We guide you through the process of matching your online presence with your brand to create a seamless online experience for your clients and customers.

      Cherokee Animal Hospital

      Website Design

      SEO for Canton, Ga


      Our Very First Client

      seo for companies

      We started with the simple goal of helping a local business get more exposure through online search. Meet Al, with Basements Unlimited. He was the first business owner to hand me a check for the work we were doing for him online.

      And he is still our client! :) 13 years later.

      SEO and Website

      Basements Unlimited

      Website Design

      SEO Strategy Columbus Ohio

      TopChromPro website desogn

      Some of our most recent website designs :)

      kite org website design
      backwoodsbowstrings website design
      enjoycherokee website design
      alphpressurewashing website design
      Arcticsilver website design
      Rxwaterproofing website design

      We can guarantee positive results with commitment. SEO takes grit, stamina and a bit of time. But the rewards are worth it. Most of our clients have seen unwavering success once they hit the first page of the search results.


      Search engine optimization

      Google measures web presence by looking for 200 different attributes. Our goal is to match your business to as many key traits as we can and create signals that tell the search engine who you are and what you do.


      Vision Stairways and Millwork

      Website Design

      SEO Strategy for the Southeast

      The results

      Our efforts have resulted in first page rankings for thousands of keywords contributing over 76.8 million dollars in additional revenue year over year. We don’t take our work lightly but we sure have a lot of fun working with our clients. 

      We love what we do and treat our clients’ businesses as though it is our own. 


      • keywords ranking on page one – 92%
      • Avg. increase business revenue – 27%
      • expanded brand presence – 150%


      Satisfied Clients

      Ongoing Projects

      Cups Of Coffee

      our seo company

      Local, nimble, without the overhead. Gives us the ability to provide great value to our clients. We are professionals in SEO and building brands online.

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