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      If your Business is not on Page 1 of Google Search Results.

      Then you are losing customers and clients to your competitors

      You might wonder why would I need a Local SEO Expert? Because the internet, along with smartphones, tablets and devices, have replaced the TV ads, the phonebook, and even a neighbors referral. People turn to local search results to find businesses in their area that offer the services they need.

      After we have created your online presence we can begin with SEO. The monthly fees for SEO begin the process of ranking your website and other content on the first page of the search engines.

      Until Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines change their strategy of giving people the results they are looking for … there will always be a need for SEO.

      Setting a basic SEO foundation on your website and then using the same strategies when distributing your online content will go a long way in ranking in the top results of the search engines.

      We rank our clients’ content on the first page of the search engines for their target audience.


      Your Online Presence is what sets you apart from your competition. Your business needs to be found everywhere online. We will create and repair directory listings, social media, and online rankings so you can be found by potential customers.


      Most people when searching on the internet only look at the first page of the search engine results. Our goal is to give you first page rankings for a solid long term relationship with us. Results not contracts speak for us.


      Every business needs a plan and every business is different. We craft a unique plan for your online growth specifically for you while maintaining focus on the foundation of your online presence.


      Get found on Google so you can dominate your competition. The first three organic spots get most of the traffic for any search result. Turbo charge your business with great search results and first page rankings.

      Increased REVENUE

      Online marketing directly impacts the growth of your business. With a good foundation and first page rankings you will attract more targeted customers. We have seen companies thrive and expand from online SEO services.


      As long as we work with you… We will not work with one of your competitors. We only work with one business per industry per geographical area.

      We will take your online presence to new heights with advanced Local SEO methods that are on the cutting edge of Search Engine Marketing.

      Does your GMB listing work for you?

      Google my Business?  What is it and how do we leverage your listing? Have David do it for you. He has proven methods that help your GMB show up for your best searches.

      The SEO Team 

      David and Michelle Edwards have been working with local business and digital media since 2009. They create a unique plan for each client while adhering to the ‘laws of the internet’ when establishing an online presence for businesses. They love serving their community and working with business owners in local neighborhoods and cities.

      Local SEO Agency in Georgia