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      If you are like most businesses you probably did a ‘whole website re-do’ a few years ago and you are now realizing… it’s time to do it again. Why? Because mobile devices have taken over and technology changes faster than ever. 

      Believe it or not ~ 51% of internet search happens on a mobile device.

      And even more interesting … Google has for the first time specifically stated that if your site is not mobile friendly, it will suffer in mobile search results. Ouch!

      Here’s a video we did a few years back about it:



      Here is the criteria for a mobile friendly website that Google has laid out:

      The text or words on a website should be easy to read on a mobile device without zooming in.

      Any buttons or links should be spaced far enough apart and large enough to be easily clicked by tapping on the screen.

      The content, pictures and text, should resize itself automatically according to the devices’ screen.

      Eliminate the use of programs or software that cannot be viewed from a mobile device like ‘flash’.

      To read the entire mobile search announcement from Google go here.

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      We can fix it for you!

      There are a few ways to fix this problem and make sure your business will not be impacted by this update.

      The easiest and cost effective way to make a change is to use a mobile site service or plugin.  This will change your site to a mobile friendly site without the cost of a re-design.

      We can also re-design your site altogether. This will bring your website up to date with the latest trends and take advantage of the new mobile friendly platforms.


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