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      So what is the significance for your business?

      Facebook Live offers you the unique ability to broadcast what you do every day to your fans.

      We are a social world and we love to connect all the time. The surge of live video chat through Snapchat, YouTube and now Facebook offers us another way to stay connected and to continue the conversation with our customers. In other words, your business can stay ‘top of mind’ if you publish interesting and frequent live videos which can be a part of your business SEO strategy.

      Here are some tips to creating unique live streaming vids:

      1. Share what you are doing now. It may sound silly but your customers want to know the ‘best way’ to do things. As an expert and authority in your industry, you can share some hints and tricks as you go about your daily activities. What better way to engage your customers than by allowing them to ‘ride along’ and be a part of the action.
      2. Be Genuine. Your video does not have to be a broadcast production with lights, camera and a set. Just a phone and a good internet connection is all you need to ‘be real’. Our culture is full of fake and edited photos and videos. People want to do business with real people. We don’t want to be duped into a working relationship. The more genuine you are the more you will attract customers like you.
      3. Publish Often. I am still amazed at how disciplined some of the top producers in our world are. With a little discipline and persistence, you can find the time to consistently create good content for Facebook Live or any other live streaming platform you choose. The key is to be predictable and that means publishing video consistently on whatever timeline you choose. Maybe every morning, or the final hour of the day… or once a week. Whatever you choose … Get going!

      For some more good tips on publishing video with Facebook Live visit their ‘Tips’ page on the official website.

      Happy Streaming!